Account/Property Structure When Setting Up GA4

Hi there- I’m a little over halfway through the GA4 course.

I may have missed it, but given a bunch of accounts that already have Universal Analytics properties, is there a recommendation toward either A) Creating a new property within the existing account(s) or B) Creating a new account entirely that has no overlap with previous accounts for a site?



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Hey @zldoty – welcome!

I’m not sure – personally I’d tend to just create a GA4 property in the existing account – but I’d guess some of our resident experts will have more to say. :laughing:

I know @simo_ahava is a bit of an Analytics deity and might be able to help… @tania, do you have any other suggestions for people who might have an opinion to offer?

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I would say @fred.pike may be a good shout here :slight_smile:

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Hey @zldoty - great question.

I’d say most people are creating the GA4 property within their existing account.

We had one client take advantage of the move to GA4 to organize their rather full account into four different ones, but that was strictly a an account-management issue, rather than GA4-related.

Hope that helps!



Hey @fred.pike,

Thank you for your reply to this. Your insights are always a great help in our community.

Let us know if you have any other questions @zldoty, we’ll be sure to answer.

Thank you so much,